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Global eCommerce Returns Management

No setup fees, monthly fees or minimums forever

Encore powers global product returns for cross-border retailers

Your best customers return the most
Deliver an awesome returns experience and grow revenue

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More returns = more sales

Everyone deserves great customer service. A competitive return policy is critical to a successful e-commerce strategy.

Global reach

We are ready to accept returns today at our own regional processing centers in the United States, European Union and China. 

Fast recovery

We process all returns within 24 hours, so you can issue quick refunds and get your best selling products back in to inventory.

Easy integration

It only takes a few minutes to build awesome returns in to your mobile app, website or management system.

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How it works


We are global logistics experts

We deliver technology, infrastructure and associates that help process over 100,000 cross-border product returns every day for our own brand, Madora, a mobile retailer with fabulous returns, and partners like Ingram Micro, a leading provider of e-commerce logistics. We already play an important role in powering some of the largest e-commerce brands out there.

Encore makes our global logistics infrastructure available to everyone — now anyone can build an awesome product returns experience in to their app with just a few lines of code.

Whether you have 10 or 100,000 returns a month, we are ready to handle your product returns today with no set up fees, no monthly fees, and no minimums. 

We employ over 300 people across 3 continents at our research and logistics facilities in San Francisco, Warsaw, Kyiv, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. 

Customers start a return in your app or on your website

We create a prepaid return label and returns are sent to our regional processing center

Our center receives, inspects, photographs and stores the returned item

When you're ready, we pack and ship your returned items to any address

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Encore API

Build our awesome returns experience in to any app, website or back office system using our developer friendly API and just a few lines of code. 

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